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Polish company INFIS Signs Contract to Supply M-C Dairy Co Ltd

On December 23, 2019, an agreement was signed at the Consulate General of the Republic of Poland in Toronto, for the purchase of Polish dairy production machinery by Canadian company, M-C Dairy. The contract worth 1.7 million CAD, was signed in the presence of Canadian Minister of Small Business,...
Food processing | 15.01.2020 00:08

Doing Business with the Polish Meat Industry workshop

Invitation: Meet Poland's Largest Meat Processors on November 8th
Production of fruits and vegetables | 14.01.2020 05:56

CSHARK Works With Renga – Canadian Brand Strategy and Design Studio

CSHARK is a Wroclaw - based company specializing in custom, dedicated programming solutions, IT consulting and outsourcing
IT / ICT | 27.09.2019 04:45

Quo Vadis X - September 20 - 22, 2019 - Toronto

Quo Vadis is the name of a series of international conferences bringing together students and young professionals of Polish heritage from all around the globe
Health and Medicine, Counseling / consulting / education, Trade, IT / ICT, Financial services | 19.09.2019 05:15

Poland Prize

Poland Prize is a program inviting foreign startups to start activity in Poland
IT / ICT | 18.09.2019 04:40

PAIH Business Forum 9.10.2019 Warsaw, Poland

PAIH Business Forum 2019 is a unique chance to meet business people and business support institutions
Health and Medicine, Counseling / consulting / education, Trade, IT / ICT, Financial services | 19.09.2019 01:27

9. European Congress of Small and Medium - Size Enterprises SMART - SAFE – SOLUTIONS

On October 16-18, 2019 at the International Conference Center in Katowice, will take place the largest and the most important event for small and medium entrepreneurs not only from Poland and Europe but also from around the world
IT / ICT, Construction, Media and advertising, Architecture, Organization of events and fairs | 27.08.2019 16:24

Pretty Hush Hush Boutique – Grand Opening

Unique fashion collections from Poland
Other textiles, Carpets & Decoration, Fabrics, Leather Products, Clothing and footwear | 08.08.2019 21:46

Polish companies at SIAL Canada

On April 30 - May 2 at the "Enercare Center" in Toronto hosted the international agricultural and food industry trade show Sial Canada.
Food processing | 27.08.2019 01:30

Mission of the space and aviation sector companies to Canada

The organizer of the mission, which took place on 15-18 April 2019, was the Department of Economic Cooperation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Polish Space Agency (POLSA)
Aerospace | 19.04.2019 05:12


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Polish – Canadian Trade in 2019

According to data from the Statistics Canada main statistical office (Trade Data Online) the turnover of Polish-Canadian trade in 2019 reached the level of 3,08 billion CAD, which is 7.9% more than in the same period of the previous year
Health and Medicine, Counseling / consulting / education, Trade, IT / ICT, Financial services | 21.02.2020 06:01


Explore BAZO App
IT / ICT | 15.01.2020 01:34

Mutalo Group

Mutalo Group - an international company from Poland aiming to disrupt the energy drink markets in developing economies with its innovative product - KABISA Energy Drink.
Other food products, Food processing | 05.12.2019 15:14


TITBIT LLC carries out best tradition of CIN&CIN, a well-known Polish producer of alcoholic beverages
Alcoholic beverages | 15.11.2019 04:51

KŁOS Nowoczesne Technologie Bankowe, Ltd.

KŁOS is a specialized manufacturer of cash handling and value storage devices. The presence of the brand KŁOS on the physical security market dates back to 1964. In its current legal form, the company has been operating since 2009
Machines and devices | 30.08.2019 22:02