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High quality aronia products organically certified: FD powder, dried fruit & powder, juice, candied fruit, cosmetics. Directly from manufacturer Add : Rafał Pawlak | 01.03.2017 aronia, Aronia organic powder, aronia dried fruit & powder, aronia juice, aronia candied fruit, aronia cosmetics

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PPZ Sława Sp.z.o.o.

P. P. Z. Slawa is a Polish company with a long tradition in buying and selling agricultural products, we offer various types of beans and cereals including wheat and rye. Add : Rafał Pawlak | 21.02.2017 White kidney beans, red kidney beans, wheat, rye, lentils

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Manufacturer of original composite Saddar eco-anchors for fixing fence posts into a ground. Add : Rafał Pawlak | 21.02.2017 eco, anchors, fence, fixing

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ArCADiasoft is looking for software resellers

ArCADiasoft is the manufacturer and the distributor of its author’s system ArCADia BIM. ArCADia BIM contains the industry-specific modules which are dedicated to the building engineering, based on the ideology of Building Information Modeling (BIM). Add : Zack Labieniec | 19.03.2018 software, IT, ICT, BIM, architecture, installation, construction, CAD

artykuł nr 4 PL

Sayen Sp. Z o.o.

Polish Dermocosmetics Producer Add : Rafał Pawlak | 07.02.2017 dermocosmetics, cosmetics

artykuł nr 5 PL

Clima Gold

New solutions in ventilation and air conditioning from "Clima Gold" Add : Marcin Kliński | 07.08.2020 Clima Gold, air handling units, HVAC, engineering, ventilation, industry, machines, air conditioning

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Software from PragaDev. Add : Rafał Pawlak | 11.01.2017 PragaDev, software from Poland, mobile application from Poland business application from Poland

artykuł nr 7 PL


Household / cleaning products from SannProfi Add : Rafał Pawlak | 12.01.2017 SannProfi, Polish household products, Polish cleaning products

artykuł nr 8 PL

WSK Poznan

Precision Metal Components Add : Rafał Pawlak | 28.12.2016 precision mechanics, metal components, fuel injection components for diesel engines, aircraft, gas equipment,

artykuł nr 9 PL

K&K Selekt

Human Resources Consulting Add : Rafał Pawlak | 21.12.2016 Human Resources, Consulting, investors, Assessment and Development Centre, Business Coaching , Training for management

artykuł nr 10 PL

ZPC Bałtyk Sp. z o.o.

Chocolate Factory Add : Rafał Pawlak | 20.12.2016 Chocolates, chocolate candies, pralines, hard candies, dragees, toffees, liquor candies

artykuł nr 11 PL

Mechanical Plants Wiromet S.A

Wiromet S.A. for over 60 years specializes in the production of a wide range of flow system parts for the power generation industry. Add : Rafał Pawlak | 09.12.2016 power generation industry, turbine blades, guide vanes, impales, compressors parts

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Processed cheese and butter from Poland Add : Rafał Pawlak | 24.11.2016 cheese, spreads, butter, margarine

artykuł nr 13 PL


The Warsaw office, established in 2007, is an integral part of the global legal practice of DLA Piper, which has a significant presence throughout Europe, Asia Pacific, the Middle East, and the Americas. Add : Rafał Pawlak | 23.11.2016 DLA PIPER, Poland

artykuł nr 14 PL

Aluminium market. Choose the best business partner!

Modern Aluminium Products Skawina is the only producer of so-called wire rods in Poland, which is the starting material for wire drawing of cables and wires made of aluminium and aluminium alloys for the production of electrical energy cables and so-called non-wire rod to be used in metallurgy as deoxidizing agent. Add : Rafał Pawlak | 22.11.2016 Wire rod, wires and cables, energy, automotive, household appliances, foodstuff markets

artykuł nr 15 PL


Manufacturer and Trading company in exporting and wholesaling the agricultural products Add : Rafał Pawlak | 25.11.2016 Hulled millet, hulled buckwheat, split peas, sunflower kernels, brown flaxseeds, milk thistle, buckwheat, millet, poppy seed, bird feed

artykuł nr 16 PL


Products for your home!!! Add : Rafał Pawlak | 16.11.2016 windows, doors, garage doors, roller blinds, mosquito nets

artykuł nr 17 PL

EMPIRE Furniture - Handcrafted individual furniture

High quality handcrafted furniture by individual request - from antique replica to rare designs. Add : Rafał Pawlak | 09.11.2016 Furniture, custom, design, replica, handcrafted, antique, art, interior furnishing, reproductions, parquet

artykuł nr 18 PL


CANADIAN MARKET INTELLIGENCE AND STRATEGY ADVISORY FIRM SPECIALIZING IN THE NUCLEAR ENERGY AND ELECTRICITY SECTORS Add : Rafał Pawlak | 04.11.2016 nuclear energy, electricity sectors, advisory services, business growth

artykuł nr 19 PL

Import and export goods from/to Poland

Polish company expanding on Canadian market. Import and export Your goods with us! Add : Rafał Pawlak | 27.10.2016 import, export, logistic, warehouse, duty, custom, transport, air freight

Polish companies offers

Polska - Malbork 2021-10-15 Added:Paweł Ślusarczyk Tourism, Sport and Recreation See offer
Polska - Malbork 2021-10-15 Added:Paweł Ślusarczyk Tourism, Sport and Recreation See offer

Okna PCV

Okna Toruń Wybór okien do domu jest wyjątkowo istotny nie tylko ze względu na wygląd i ...
Polska - TORUŃ 2021-10-14 Added:Łukasz Bogucki Health and Medicine, Counseling / consulting / education, Film, Tourism, Sport and Recreation, Transport and logistics See offer

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