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Enjoy using natural cosmetics Clochee

Our beauty products for face and body care are 100% green and we use only natural certified ingredients. We are using only recyclable and oxo-biodegradable packaging that can be easily re-filled or recycled. Check our natural cosmetics and enjoy using them every day Add : Zack Labieniec | 08.01.2019 cosmetics,organic,natural

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Production of advertising articles and furniture Add : Zack Labieniec | 28.12.2018 advertising articles, furniture

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As a software development company we deal with high quality IT solutions. We specialize in creating and developing dedicated software, analyzing and designing IT systems, technical expertise. Add : Zack Labieniec | 21.12.2018 software, IT, intranet systems, IoT platforms, e-learning, e-commerce

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AJK Translation

Offer of translation services Add : Zack Labieniec | 20.11.2018 translation

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Cryotherapy cabins offer Add : Zack Labieniec | 10.08.2018 cryotherapy

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Innox Nova

Innovative technology for mining industry, metallurgic, oil, gas, energy sectors Add : Zack Labieniec | 08.08.2018 Poland, technology, mining industry, metallurgic, oil, gas, energy

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Indigo Nails

Indigo Nails is the leading Polish cosmetic brand known as a specialist in the field of nail design, colour trends and SPA cosmetics. Established in Poland in 2011, the brand is now available in 25 countries worldwide. Add : Zack Labieniec | 27.06.2018 cosmetics, nails, SPA

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We would like to introduce you GORT which is Foodservice Equipment Manufacturer. Our modern production plant is located in Białystok in Poland. Add : Zack Labieniec | 05.06.2018 Foodservice Equipment, Food, Cooking, Equipment

artykuł nr 8 PL

Saternus Playgrounds

We are a group of experienced companies specializing in comprehensive customization of playgrounds and recreational and sports areas. Since 1993 we have realized over 15 000 investments across Europe Add : Zack Labieniec | 30.05.2018 playgrounds, recreation, sports areas, sport

artykuł nr 9 PL


“Agregaty PEX-POOL PLUS” is a Polish manufacturer located in south-east part of Poland (European Union). We design and manufacture a wide range of power generators, container’s power stations, workshop, logistics, medical and command containers, and other special products for military and civil applications. Add : Zack Labieniec | 18.05.2018 power, generators, systems

artykuł nr 10 PL


MR.Logistic is a dynamic developing freight forwarder and customs agency offering complex services for loads transported from/to every place in the world Add : Zack Labieniec | 24.04.2018 Transportation, Logistics

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We are a retail company with international reach, operating in the clothing industry for over 7 years. On the fashion market we are successfully developing and distributing brands Medicine and Answear. Add : Zack Labieniec | 11.04.2018 fashion, clothing industry, clothes

artykuł nr 12 PL

Brand Distribution Group

We are a group of companies operating in the FMCG sector on the international market and already in the top 10 European Leaders-FMCG distributors. Add : Zack Labieniec | 05.04.2018 trade, export, Poland, FMCG sector

artykuł nr 13 PL

Greek Trade

With more than 25 years in the business Greek Trade is a leading global importer and distributor of food. Add : Zack Labieniec | 05.04.2018 organic, appetizers, snacks, canned vegetable & fruit, fruit pastes, gels, jams, pulps & fillings

artykuł nr 14 PL

Activ is one of the biggest Polish company specialized in NFC juices.

Since 2011 we have been dealing with production of 100% natural unclarified Royal Apple juice which we squeeze exclusively from heathy apples with an addition of other fruits and vegetables. Add : Zack Labieniec | 29.03.2018 juices, Apple juice, Poland

artykuł nr 15 PL

A-Spe Europe is a manufacturer and supplier of high-quality safety signage so...

We offer a wide range of IMO Safety Signs, Pipe Identification Tapes & Markers, Photoluminescent Low Location Lighting Systems for evacuation routes, Reflective Warning Tapes, to name but a few. Add : Zack Labieniec | 19.03.2018 safety signage solutions, Marine, Offshore, Oil and Gas, Poland

artykuł nr 16 PL

Ptak Warsaw Expo

Ptak Warsaw Expo is the largest trade fair and congress center in Central Europe. Add : Rafał Pawlak | 20.03.2017 Ptak Warsaw Expo, trade fair, congress center

artykuł nr 17 PL

Bioenergy Farm Stanowice - Call for cooperation proposals

The Administrator of Bioenergy Farm Stanowice Sp. z o.o. “w restrukturyzacji” calls for cooperation proposals regarding the use of a biomass power plant with a thermal capacity of 4.6 MW and a power generation capacity of 0.9 MW as well as a low temperature belt dryer. Add : Zack Labieniec | 23.03.2018 biomass, power, plant, Bioenergy Farm Stanowice

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High Class Products hotel accessories and cosmetics. Directly from the manufacturer Add : Rafał Pawlak | 03.03.2017 hotel accessories, cosmetics

artykuł nr 19 PL

Inventia Company - Natural Collagen Products and Cosmetics

Manufacturer of skin care products from natural collagen Add : Rafał Pawlak | 02.03.2017 collagen, skin care products

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Pozyskiwanie klientów B2B

Pozyskiwanie klientów B2B. Wszystkie nowe firmy, które funkcjonują w sektorze B2B, niejednokrotn...
Polska - SZCZECIN 2022-01-25 Added:Adam grabowski Counseling / consulting / education, Trade, IT / ICT, Financial services See offer

Marketing bezpośredni

Marketing bezpośredni (direct marketing) to metoda sprzedaży towarów lub usług, w której produc...
Polska - SZCZECIN 2022-01-25 Added:Adam grabowski Health and Medicine, Counseling / consulting / education, Trade, IT / ICT See offer

Protetyk Toruń

Stabilna proteza na implantach Protezy są wygodniejsze, kiedy są założone trwale w jamie ustn...
Polska - TORUŃ 2022-01-25 Added:Łukasz Bogucki Health and Medicine, Counseling / consulting / education, Trade, IT / ICT, Financial services See offer

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