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footwear, boots, pvc material

Lemigo is a family business specializing in the production of footwear. Within 29 years our company has had huge success on both the domestic and international market, with over 2 million units being produced annually and exported to over 30 countries

Lemigo uses modern, intelligent machinery and materials, sourced only from Polish producers, guaranteeing the production of exclusive, high quality footwear. Our specialists design footwear based on the latest fashion trends, ensuring comfortable good looking footwear.

The production of wellington boots by the Lemigo company was initially based around using PVC material, which is totally waterproof, watertight, long -lasting and simple to keep clean. This very universal material allows the production of everyday footwear, as well as footwear used in horticulture, farming, gastronomy, and food processing plants.

Our offer is complemented by the production of clogs. They are made from a super light EVA material which ensures high comfort in a range of different colours. We offer clogs for everyday recreational use, such as for the swimming pool, beach, and garden. We also have clogs which meet safety standards for use in hospitals, clinics, restaurants, hotels etc. A modern design and a variety of beneficial variations distinguish our clogs from those of competing companies.



Alicja Milczarczyk

Export Manager

tel. +48 797089585



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AgricultureLemigo Horticultural&Agricultural



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