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Inventia Company - Natural Collagen Products and Cosmetics

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collagen, skin care products

Manufacturer of skin care products from natural collagen




Inventia Polish Technologies

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Tomasz Reszka

Export Manager

Lesna 11, Zulawka 83-041


+48 887479000

+48 58 6921187

+48 58 6921187 ;

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Natural collagen, skin care products: inventia face, body and hair&nails


Inventia Polish Technology is the only one to offer a product to contain the most important protein for the human body – collagen in it's native form, identical to that naturally occurring in the body. The activity of a pure preparation of native collagen proteins is immeasurably wider and stronger than the more commonly available substitutes, such as hydrolysates with their slim potency. Natural Collagen Inventia ® provides your skin with everything what it needs - ‘live’ collagen. Thanks to this unique composition, Natural Collagen Inventia ® works perfectly in the care of both young and mature skin. For our younger clients, this product guarantees excellent moisture levels and allows one to maintain a bright appearance for many years. For our more mature clients the product allows the regaining of a youthful firmness of skin while at the same time smoothing out any wrinkles.