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Explore BAZO App Add : Zack Labieniec | 15.01.2020 BAZO, IT, app

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Mutalo Group

Mutalo Group - an international company from Poland aiming to disrupt the energy drink markets in developing economies with its innovative product - KABISA Energy Drink. Add : Anna Woińska | 05.12.2019 offer, poland, polish offer, energy drink, KABISA Energy Drink, Mutalo Group

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TITBIT LLC carries out best tradition of CIN&CIN, a well-known Polish producer of alcoholic beverages Add : Zack Labieniec | 15.11.2019 alcoholic beverages, vodka

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KŁOS Nowoczesne Technologie Bankowe, Ltd.

KŁOS is a specialized manufacturer of cash handling and value storage devices. The presence of the brand KŁOS on the physical security market dates back to 1964. In its current legal form, the company has been operating since 2009 Add : Zack Labieniec | 30.08.2019 cash handling solutions, bank, value storage devices

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A leading distributor of car refinishing products, car cosmetics and smart solutions in Europe. Offers more than 3000 top quality products Add : Zack Labieniec | 14.08.2019 car refinishing products, car cosmetics

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Top-class products for retail and warehouse fittings sector Add : Zack Labieniec | 08.08.2019 store racks, storage space arrangement

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The Zbyszko Company was established in 1993 in Poland. We specialize in production of soft drinks, carbonated and non-carbonated beverages, flavored and spring waters. We own two modern factories that are equipped with the latest technologies available for the FMCG industry Add : Zack Labieniec | 10.07.2019 drinks, beverages, flavored and spring waters

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Agricultural machinery for the cultivation of garlic, onion and other vegetables Add : Zack Labieniec | 27.06.2019 agriculture, machinery, onion, garlic

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Lemigo is a family business specializing in the production of footwear. Within 29 years our company has had huge success on both the domestic and international market, with over 2 million units being produced annually and exported to over 30 countries Add : Zack Labieniec | 04.06.2019 footwear, boots, PVC material

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Qbrick System brand is a game changing opening in professional systems of storage and transport of tools. Add : Zack Labieniec | 03.06.2019 storage system, tools, Qbrick System brand

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We are a Polish manufacturer of dietary supplements and pharmaceutical products. We are the owner of three brands: Real Pharm, Muscle Care and ProActive, which are known in the world. With over 15 years of experience in the production and export of our brands we are one of leading exporters of supplements and pharmaceutical products in Poland. Add : Anna Woińska | 03.04.2019 offer, poland, polish offer, dietary supplements, pharmaceutical products, Real Pharm, Muscle Care, ProActive

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MAT-TAR company is a wood processing company with over 60 years of experience, based in Poland. Our main product is oak flooring – engineered and solid Add : Zack Labieniec | 21.03.2019 wood, floor, oak

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UTAL is a global leader in the production of license plates as well as systemic solutions and machinery related to their production and distribution Add : Zack Labieniec | 20.03.2019 license plates, machinery

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Establo Pharma

Establo Pharma is a professional, pharmaceutical company offering only high quality dietary supplements with clinical studies Add : Zack Labieniec | 22.03.2019 supplements, pharmaceutics

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Laser 3d

In 2000 year as a first company in Poland we started engraving inside crystal glass in 3d. The laser beam engraves inside glass any design. The outer surface is smooth Add : Zack Labieniec | 21.02.2019 Crystal, glass, 3d

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Eco Trade

Polish manufacturer of bakery and confectionery mixes Add : Zack Labieniec | 06.02.2019 bakery industry, confectionery, catering

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Fine Porcelain Kristoff is one of the main producers of porcelain in Poland and one of the oldest existing porcelain factories in the Silesian region. The company works continuously since 1831, and our products were already exported to Eastern Europe and North America in the 19th century Add : Zack Labieniec | 31.01.2019 Porcelain, design

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Pharmacy Laboratories

Pharmacy Laboratories is a manufacturer of food supplements and dermocosmetics since 2004. Our facility is GMP and ISO certified by TUV Nord Add : Zack Labieniec | 29.01.2019 food supplements, dermocosmetics, cosmetics

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SCORPION company specializes in producing machines, which are used to process herbs, spices, tea, dried vegetables, dried fruit, bark, roots, tobacco, material seized at slaughterhouse, secondary raw material (for example copper, plastic), wood waste. Add : Zack Labieniec | 24.01.2019 machines, food, herbs, spices, tea, dried vegetables, dried fruit

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Seboradin cosmetics

Our company "Inter Fragrances" is looking for a distributor and partner in Canada. „Inter Fragrances” company was established on 20 December 1978 in Poland. It specializes in the production of hair care products available through the pharmaceutical channel, in drugstores and professional sales channel in the spa Add : Zack Labieniec | 22.01.2019 cosmetics, hair care products

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