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Polish – Canadian Trade Exchange in 2018

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According to data from the Statistics Canada main statistical office (Trade Data Online), the turnover of Polish-Canadian trade in 2018 reached the level of 2.85 billion CAD, which is 8.3% more than in the same period of the previous year

1Screen Shot 03-22-19 at 07.58 PM

Polish exports to Canada in 2018 amounted to over two billion Canadian dollars, reaching a value of 2.1 billion CAD, while imports from Canada amounted to 744.4 million CAD in this period. In comparison with the same period of the previous year, Polish exports to Canada increased by 8.8%, and Polish imports from Canada increased by 7.1%.

For over a dozen years, Poland has been maintaining a surplus in trade exchange with Canada growing every year (data in CAD million):

2Screen Shot 03-22-19 at 07.56 PM

Polish exports to Canada

Polish export to Canada in 2018 remained traditionally strongly concentrated. The most important 25 exported products (according to HS6 codes) accounted for 59.2% of the value of Polish exports to Canada, and top 10 - 45.2%.

The most important product exported from Poland to Canada in 2018 were:

1. Parts of turbojet engines and turboprop engines (HS 841191) - the value of Polish exports of this commodity in 2018 amounted to 398.5 CAD, noting an increase of 11% compared to the same period last year

2. Raw Furskins Whole - Mink (HS 430110), which in 2018 amounted to 173.2 million CAD, an increase of 2.2%.

3. Parts for the aviation industry - under-Carriages and Parts Thereof - For Aircrafts (HS 880320), the value of exports in 2018 amounted to 61 million CA, an increase of 18.2%

4. Parts of gas turbines (HS 841199) - the value of exports after 12 months of 2018 amounted to CAD 60.58 million, an increase of 18.8% compared to the same period of the previous year

5. Wooden Furniture for bedroom Use (HS 940350) - export value of CAD 60.5 million, increase by 5.8%

6. Parts of power transmission equipment or systems (HS 848390) - the value of Polish exports to Canada amounted to CAD 49.2 million - a decrease by 2.4%

7. Other wooden furniture (HS 940360) - export value 41.5 million CAD - increase of 11.7%

8. Automotive parts - Gears and Gearing; Ball or Roller Screws; Gear Boxes, Speed Changers and Torque Converters (HS 848340) - export value of CAD 39.5 million, increase by 76%

9. Silver in Unwrought Form (HS 710691) - export value CAD 39 million - decrease by 25.5%

10. Carbon or graphite electrodes - for electrical purposes (HS 854519) - export value of CAD 30.5 million - increase by 177.2%

The value of each of the other items in Polish exports to Canada in 2018 did not exceed CAD 30 million.

The other five places were: chocolate and other food preparations containing cocoa, non-electric air heaters, hot air distributors and similar devices, Swine, Cuts Boneless - Frozen, Transmission Shafts and Cranks (Including Cam Shafts and Crank Shafts) and devices for recording, receiving, sound, image or data playback.


Polish imports from Canada

Polish imports from Canada are also characterized by relatively high concentration, although definitely lower than in the case of exports: 25 main goods exported from Canada to Poland (according to HS6 codes) constituted 71.7% of Polish imports in the period from this country, and the top 10 were 60.3%.

The most important ten goods imported by Poland in 2018 included:

1. Bituminous coal powder or non-agglomerated (HS 270112) - value of supplies to Poland 174.9 million CAD, increase by 23.6%

2. Parts of gas turbines (HS 841199) - the value of deliveries to Poland amounted to 133.8 CAD, an increase of 2.4%

3. Motor Vehicles - Spark Ignition - Cylinder Capacity 1501-3000 Cc (HS 870323) - the value of Polish imports amounted to CAD 26.6 million, an increase of 107.2%

4. Parts of Turbo-Jets or Turbo-Propellers (HS 841191) - import value of CAD 25.3 million decrease by 15.8%

5. Fruits and Edible Nuts Nes - Frozen (HS 081190) - import value of 21.7 million CAD increase by 100.5%

6. Hearing aids - excluding parts and accessories (HS 902140) - import value 17.8 million CAD increase by 31%

7. Gas turbines with a capacity not exceeding 5,000 KW (HS 841181) - import value 17.5 million CAD increase by 91.8%

8. Parts of Power Transmission Equipment or Other Goods Used To Transmit Power (HS 848390) - delivery value CAD 11.1 million, increase by 8.8%

9. Ash and Residues Containing Other Metals or Metallic Compounds Nes (HS 262099) - import value CAD 10.9 million increase by 23.8%

10. Motor Vehicles - Compression Ignition - Cylinder Capacity 1501-2500 Cc (HS 870332) - import value CAD 10.1 million increase by 110.6%

The value of each of the next positions in Polish imports from Canada in 2018 did not exceed the amount of CAD 10 million.

In the remaining five places, there were: food for dogs and cats for retail sale, parts of aircraft or helicopters, Printed Matter, Nes, arts of Machines For Working Rubber or Plastics or Manufacturing Products from These Materials, Other Cylindrical Roller Bearings Nes.


Export and Import of the European Union

Amongst European Union countries, in 2018 Poland ranked 10th among suppliers of goods to Canada (increase by 8.8% compared to the previous year and 9th place in terms of recipients of Canadian products (increase by 7.1%).

Wykres 1 ENG

Wykres 2 ENG

 Source: Statistics Canada 21/03/2019

Cooperation with Canadian provinces

Among Canadian provinces, Quebec was the main recipient of Polish goods in 2018. The value of Polish exports to this province reached the level of 165,6 million CAD, an increase of 33.8% compared to 2017. In the second place, there was the province of Ontario, to which Poland exported goods for CAD $ 632.4 million (down 3.2%). The third was British Columbia (191,7 CAD, down 3.2%), followed by Manitoba (CAD 36.7 million, increase by 34.2%). Further places were taken by the provinces of Alberta, Nova Scotia, Saskatchewan, Newfoundland and Labrador, New Brunswick. In 2018, no Polish exports to Nunavut, Northwest Territories, Yukon and Prince Edward Island were recorded.

Wykres 3 ENG

Source: Statistics Canada 21/03/2019

For Quebec, Poland mainly exported: turbojet engine parts and turboprop engines (CAD 377.1 million), mink skins (CAD 164.7 million), gas turbine parts (CAD 59.3 million), parts of equipment or systems power transmission (CAD 48.8 million) and wooden bedroom furniture (CAD 39.2 million). For Ontario: chassis and parts for aircraft (CAD 60.7 million), surface-active preparations, washing and cleaning preparations (detergents included) - for retail sale (21.9 million CAD), chocolate and other food preparations containing cocoa (21.8 million CAD).

In terms of Polish imports from the Canadian provinces, the first place in 2018 was Ontario with a delivery value of 331.8 million CAD, increasing by 5.8%. In second place was British Columbia with a supply value of 186.9 million CAD (increase by 17.6%). The third place was taken by Quebec, which exported goods worth CAD 176 million to Poland (an increase of 30%). Further places were: Nova Scotia, Alberta, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Saskatchewan, Newfoundland and Labrador, Prince Edward Island.

Wykres 4 ENG

 Source: Statistics Canada 21/03/2019

In 2018, Poland imported from Ontario primarily: parts of gas turbines from Ontario (CAD 128.2 million), hearing aids excluding parts and accessories (CAD 17.8 million), spark ignition engines, cylinder capacity 1501-3000 Cc (CAD 10.1 million). From British Columbia: bituminous coal powder or non-agglomerated (CAD 174.9 million), lithium-ion batteries (new item). And from Quebec: turbojet engine parts and turboprop engines (CAD 23 million), gas turbines with a capacity not exceeding 5,000 kW (CAD 17 million), spark-ignition engines, cylinder capacity 1501-3000 Cc (13.6 million CAD).

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