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The socio-economic potential of Metropolis GZM - Silesia

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41 cities and municipalities, approx. 2.3 million inhabitants, and about 240 thousand companies and enterprises that produce about 8% of the GDP of Poland. Metropolis GZM is a platform for wide-ranging cooperation, the aim of which is to improve the quality and comfort of life of its inhabitants

Metropolis GZM. The first Metropolis in Poland


Inhabitants of Upper Silesia and Dąbrowa Basin have long felt that they live in a single, cohesive urban organism, and that the boundaries between individual towns and cities are purely conventional. Creation of the Metropolis in the centre of the Silesian Voivodeship has long seemed like a natural move forward.

We have strived for this change for 10 years. During this decade, local government officials have often proved that they are ready to cooperate with each other. They have been aware that a single city, operating as a separate entity, no matter how big or rich, can never become as powerful and have as much to offer, as a metropolis created through the synergy of its 41 members.

The historic and long-awaited moment of creation of the Metropolis took place on 4 April 2017. The act establishing the Metropolis in the Silesian Voivodeship was signed in Katowice by the President of the Republic of Poland. Metropolis GZM began its operations several months later – on 1 July 2017, and began to implement its statutory tasks on 1 January 2018.

This is the first structure and local government institution of this kind in Poland. Paving the road for implementation of this project was a great challenge.

Metropolis GZM includes 41 cities and municipalities, with approximately 2.3 million inhabitants. The area of the Metropolis amounts to more than 2.5 thousand km2and hosts both companies which are active in the traditional industry and those which develop modern technologies related to e.g. automotive industry, IT, and medicine.

The Metropolis sees its role primarily as that of an integrator, inspirer and coordinator. It wants to be an active participant in the process of building a knowledge-based economy; coordinate the cooperation of entities operating in the Metropolis; and facilitate development of the key industries of the region. It also sees the potential in cooperation between the business, scientific institutions and the local government, as well as in engaging in joint activities with business environment institutions and universities. Such joint activities allow for creation of the synergy effect which increases the chances of investors getting interested in the offer of the Metropolitan cities and municipalities and improves the quality and comfort of life of the Metropolis’ inhabitants.

More info: Metropolis GZM


Metropolis GZM Economic Potential
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