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Promotion of Polish-Canadian cooperation in the nuclear sector

Meetings with representatives of the Canadian authorities and main companies of the Canadian nuclear sector, as well as visits at production sites were in the program of the Polish business mission to Canada that took place on 25-30 September 2016 and was led by Deputy Minister of Energy of Polan...
Energy and renewable raw materials, Machines and devices | 04.10.2016 14:30 poland, polish nuclear industry, polish nuclear program

“Airon Green Energy Turbines” – producer of effective and innovative wind turbines and small wind power plants.

Business offer from “Airon Green Energy Turbines”.
Energy and renewable raw materials, Trade | 26.07.2016 20:49 poland, airon green energy turbines, wind turbines, wind power plant

Graphene – new possibilities for R&D sector and production companies

The offer from Advanced Graphene Products – Polish company producing graphene with the use of unique method (growth on liquid metal).
Other products, Production and processing of metals, Other industries, Manufacture of fabricated metal products | 26.07.2016 20:52 poland, graphene, advanced graphene products, r&d, research and development

Learn more about Polish yachting industry

The offer of members of the Polish Chamber of Marine Industry and Water Sports
Sport equipment, Tourism, Sport and Recreation, Ships and boats, Trade | 25.07.2016 16:12 poland, polish yachting industry, polish chamber of marine industry and water sports

Polish furniture industry - possibilities for cooperation with Canada

Information on Polish furniture industry and possibilities for cooperation with Canadian companies.
Furniture production, Trade, Furniture | 06.06.2016 15:42 polish furniture industry, furniture from poland, import of furniture from poland

Meeting with the Mayor of Mississauga, Mrs. Bonnie Crombie and the Director of NCR&D, Professor Krzysztof Kurzydłowski

On August 25, 2015, the Senior Trade Commissioner Mr. Rafal Pawlak took part in a meeting in the Mississauga city hall between the Mayor Mrs. Bonnie Crombie and the Director of the National Center for Research and Development, Professor Krzysztof Kurzydłowski.
Agriculture and forestry, Mining and mining industry, Food processing, Financial services, Transport and logistics | 28.09.2015 00:38 aktualności

Request for offers – Food sector in Canada

The purchase will be co-financed by the European Union funds: the European Regional Development Fund, in the framework of the project “The Network of Service Centers for Investors and Exporters (COIE)", Sub-measure 6.2.1 of the Innovative Economy Operational Program, 2007-2013.
Agriculture and forestry, Mining and mining industry, Food processing, Financial services, Transport and logistics | 28.09.2015 00:38 aktualności

Polish Exports Booming Worlwide

Since 1990 and the start of the political and economic transformation the number of goods stamped "Made in Poland" sent abroad has increased more than twentyfold. Not only are exports growing at the unprecedented pace but they are also increasingly based on finished products of Polish entrepreneu...
Agriculture and forestry, Mining and mining industry, Food processing, Financial services, Transport and logistics | 28.09.2015 00:38 aktualności


Wolves Summit Warsaw 2016 PL

Wolves Summit Warsaw 2016

Wolves Summit is taking place this October in Warsaw, Poland. Let your startup be a part.
Construction, The creative sector, Clothing, textiles, leather goods, Construction and architecture, Counseling / consulting / education | 12.07.2016 16:02
wolves summit, warsaw, poland, startup, conference, 2016

Wolves Summit - konference start-upů, Varšava 2016

Ve dnech 24.-27. října 2016 ve Varšavě se bude konat konference Wolves Summit, která patří mezi nejvýznamnější události v oblasti start-upů ve střední a východní Evropě. Počet účastníků je odhadován na 2000 osob z 50 zemí.
Other food products, Printing Services, Furniture, Clothing and footwear, Other industries | 12.07.2016 15:16
wolves summit, konference start-upů, varšava


The International Expo of Innovativeness and New Technologies - INNO-TECH EXPO 2016.
Other industries, Trade, Biotechnology, IT / ITC | 09.09.2016 14:51
it, e-commerce, business intelligence, e-learning, 3d print, ict, graphene, innovative technologies, nui holography, smart cities, smart clothes, bioengineering, robotics, electronics


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Innovative Telemedical In-home Breast Examination System
Health and Medicine | 20.10.2016 15:41
breast examination system, breast cancer


We produce garden tools and hand made garden furniture. We own 3 factories in our country. First one is in south of Poland and its only hard production. Second one is at Trzeciewiec, there is also our office. The last one is a factory of Wood at Miastko.
Machinery for agriculture and forestry, Trade | 13.10.2016 15:46
garden tools, garden equipment, garden furniture

Bio Eco

We are a manufacturer of unique mixes for the production of bread. Using our mixes for baking process you will get very healthy diet bread with a high content of protein, dietary fiber, low glycemic index, and an extremely low level of carbohydrates (2%) unprecedented in any other similar product...
Food processing | 26.09.2016 21:32
bread, baking ingredients, baking mix